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1 Stop Shop for the Men in your life

Ladies! And Gentleman (though I’ll mainly be addressing the ladies, you too can find some awesomeness here in this post!) Do you have a fashionable man in your life… (or maybe you are like me and have someone who needs a little bit of help in that department, to say the least.) I’m pretty sure  my husband someone I know wore Wolford Collision Repair Shirts Everyday for a very long time. This my dear friends is unacceptable if you are not a Wolford’s employee. (Said person was not).

Introducing to you … Tie Your Socks.

I recently had the immense pleasure to do a commercial shoot for TYS. Without a doubt this was the funniest shoot that I have yet to attend. I wanted to allow this Fabulous Establishment the opportunity to introduce themselves.

*At Tie Your Socks, we know that those who want to positively influence their world have to be liked and respected – and even stand out. When John started matching his ties and socks, he got noticed in a good way, leading him and Sean to start Tie Your Socks.

Men are too restricted by the current choice in dress clothing – blue pants, white shirt (light blue if you’re feeling risqué), red tie… maybe even some stripes on that tie. It’s time for men to be able to express themselves, show some personality with the little things, and look like they actually enjoy life.*

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

I feel like men need to be able to show their personality, especially if they are wearing a suit and tie to work every day. Or even if it’s just on Sundays and they need that little bit of pop to help them stand out! There will be a purchase with my name on it. It will include a matching set for my husband as well as my father! Neither of them are too extravagant in their clothing accessories. But I am hoping to start a new trend around here!  In other words I plan to hide all  other ties until my husband agrees to wear these extremely awesome matching sets! Comes to his fashion sense :).

And to add to the amount “Super cool”that this company is exploding with. They also are a part of a great charity organization. For every combination sock and tie purchase, TYS Will donate a pair of socks to a charity that helps prepare and dress people for employment opportunities.

So don’t wait click HERE to be taken directly to their website. This weekend they are having a  Black Tie-Day sale. So there isn’t a better time than now to check them out!

Tie Your Sock Everyone…


1 Stop Shop for the Men in your life

Hiliary stewart 14:34 November 26, 2016 Reply
You did such a great job. These are so fun!!

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