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What is a Best Friend? What is your definition? Throughout my life I have had some great friends… I currently have some of the GREATEST friends one could ask for… But do you want to know a secret? If you promise not to tell I will fill you in on who I would consider to be one of my Best Friends.

Imagine with me for a minute… you are sitting in your neighbors back yard. It is late and you and your Best Friend are playing Truth or Dare. As You sit anxiously on the tramp, your sleeping bag is curled around your legs. It’s obvious that you are not as brave as your friend. You are TERRIFIED to say Dare because you know that you will absolutely pee your pants if you have to do the things you know are going to be asked of you. But you are also mortified to say Truth because then you’re going to have to divulge some inner secret that all your friends already know but you will certainly turn crimson if you have to say it out loud! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What are you going to do?

Well Folks I have a pretty crappy memory when it comes to details… but I can vaguely remember there was dares to lick the paint on the side of the house… and Truths that were shared that I know caused hours of giggles…
Now imagine sitting in your neighbor’s basement eating chips and salsa and preparing yourself to watch a Horror Movie that you know you are going to be watching in small spurts as you peek through your fingers. PS don’t forget to bring you sleeping bag in from the Trunk of your car FIRST! Because having to go and get it after midnight in the pitch black after you have just tortured yourself by watching I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER…. Not Cool!

Imagine now sitting on your neighbors couch reading Anita Stansfield and your Best Friend is laying on the couch across the room reading a different book by the same author. You stay like this ALL DAY! I am pretty sure you don’t even shower. And it was PERFECT!
You are wearing Black Spandex exercise shorts and short sleeved turtle neck woven tees. You are on Stage in front of your whole 5th grade preforming a BOMB Diggity Lip Sync to Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy.” And just in case you (your NOW you, not your imagine with me you.) haven’t had the extreme pleasure of watching this Music video… I have graciously included it here! You’re welcome! I’ll just wait here patiently for your return.

Time Has Passed! Now you live in Logan while your Best Friend lives in Pocatello. You both make new friends. You both begin your adult lives…
One day you call your Best Friend in tears because you have had a hard break up with a long-time boyfriend. Your Best Friend invites you to come to her dorm in Pocatello to attend a Dance with Friends.
Many more years pass and you see each other at very rare special occasions because by now you are both married and starting families. An opportunity is found to sneak in a dinner at Chuck A Rama where her Little Mister drinks out of your straw… and you don’t even care because he is your best friend’s son and you love him even though you barely know him.

She met you for dinner recently and you talk like no time or distance has passed at all. You love her because she is one of your Best Friends. It”s likely you’ll see her once a year at most… And yet you know that no matter how much time has passed she will always be one of your Besties and you can always count on her… Even when she is 90 and drinking 10 Dr Peppers and Day and not looking a Day over 50.

Kent and Stephanie Carson Ladies and Gentleman.

Logan Utah Anniversary Pictures

[…] A recent post dedicated just to her and her husband. If you’d like to read that you can go here. It goes without saying that this beautiful mother has been very blessed when it comes to her […]
Ali Johnson 17:16 November 3, 2016 Reply
These are beautiful! I need I talk my hubby into anniversary photos!
    YLBMBP 17:29 November 3, 2016 Reply
    Thanks for your kind words! Talking my hubby into photos is always a challenge :)
Hiliary Stewart 04:41 November 3, 2016 Reply
Good job! These are beautiful, and I especially love the video!

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