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If you are expecting , listen up because this post is for you! Well it is actually for everyone but if you are  a mom to be in the 83406 and surrounding area codes, I want to introduce you to my friends…

Tim and Kira Cannon everyone!

Tim is a chiropractor and Kira is a Doula. And together they offer some amazing services that will help you throughout your pregnancy and then in the months after as well. PS did I mention Kira is a ‘Bomb chef!’

Tim Is the Owner of Cannon Chiropractic @ 1341 E 17th st in IF. (https://cannonchiropractic.net/) And Kira is a Master Doula and Chef/Blog Mom  @Hot Cookin Mama . And together they will make your pregnancy comfortable, relaxed, and full of delicious food! I asked Kira to tell us a little something about how her and her husband career choices can benefit a mother to be. Please enjoy her response!

“Over the years my feelings about how women are treated during their pregnancies, labor and postpartum has evolved tremendously. The amount of judgmental comments and the lack of support really started to bother me. I found a way to help empower women through these life changing times in a truly rewarding way. Being a doula has allowed me to validate women with their concerns, their hopes and their goals while being there emotionally and physically during and after labor.

One of the unexpected ways I found to help my clients… Is by offering to instruct general stretches and exercises specific to maternity needs that my husband suggests. My husband being a Chiropractor and has his masters degree in exercise and sports science.  His knowledge and expertise has been able to fuse our care together. My clients are offered to have their chiropractic care included in my doula services. It has been really rewarding for the both of to be able to offer the support and delivery planning from myself. As well as alleviating their pain and discomfort through Dr. Cannons treatments and at-home regimen.”

 So if that wasn’t enough…

Anyone that books a Maternity Shoot with MelB Photography from Now till the End of 2016 will Receive Complimentary Professional Hair and Makeup ($100 Value). As Well as an 11×14 Wall Print of their favorite Photo from the Shoot!

Moms 2 Be | Logan Utah Photographer

Hiliary Stewart 06:00 November 15, 2016 Reply
This is the best! What a great husband and white team. Her words really resonated with me. I had a harder pregnancy and post pardum and my husband and I have decide a doula would make the processes so much nicer.
    YLBMBP 06:37 November 15, 2016 Reply
    She is truly one of the greatest! Thanks for being so great Hiliary!

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