My Try at Poetry…


My Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer

Who am I kidding, I’m no poet! Ha ha! But I am feeling very sentimental about this mamma and her littles!

You get me!

You know that I am so incredibly imperfect…

Yet you still consider me a dear friend.

You have laughed with me…

And I’m happy to admit that sometimes you even laugh louder than me. 😉 (not too often though)

You are Funny. So so so funny! Like pee my pants, (or almost) funny!

| Side note: remember that one time when we were at that one restaurant. We were drinking lots of water and closing out the restaurant. So the waiter came to get the last things off of our table.  Which happened to be our water glasses. And I told him that he might need to leave yours because you’re probably going to have to Pee in it. Because you were refusing to get up to pee. | 😂 I guess I’m pretty funny too!

You are so Kind! The kind of “Kind” person that will wait for your friend in the HuHot line. Even though your food is already done and at the table. And the kind of “Kind” person who always helps me pack on those few extra heat retaining fat layers for the winter. Through your endless supply of delicious treats that find their way to my home. 😉

You are the epitome of “going above and beyond”. I mean… not only are you the only friend I have ever had that has bought me clothes for my Bday… But you bought me something Perfect and Amazing! Plus not only did you get me flowers but you had a hand written note attached to each stem! Perfection!

You are Polite!

You are Beautiful!

You are STRONG!

You are a Wonderful, Patient, Loving Mother!

You are always finding ways to make my life easier/better! | Like that one time  my husband and I both forgot our anniversary. And not only did you only tease us for a small amount of time. 😉 But you offered  insisted on taking the boys on their first overnighter, so that my husband and I could enjoy a night alone. And that other time you watched my boys even when you were sick, so my husband and I could go on a date. I still feel really guilty about that. No more of that happening. ☺️

You have found a Place Deep down in the scary,dark, inappropriate, never letting you go… place of my heart!

I have this thing where it is kind of awkward for me to tell women who are not in my immediate family that I Love them… But my dear friend! I do love you and your beautiful children! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your wonderful children! 😘

Elaine Farnsworth’s beautiful Children ladies and Gentlemen.

My Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer My Try at Poetry | Utah Family PhotographerMy Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer My Try at Poetry | Utah Family PhotographerMy Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer My Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer My Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer My Try at Poetry | Utah Family Photographer

My Try at Poetry | Logan Photographer | MelB Photography

Genetbrown 17:07 November 30, 2016 Reply
Amen to all the above!!!! Love you both!!!!!!! Did I use enough exclamation marks? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    YLBMBP 22:39 December 1, 2016 Reply
    Let's add a couple more just in case!!!!!!!!!
Hiliary Stewart 13:44 November 30, 2016 Reply
You are adorable! This is so great!
    YLBMBP 22:39 December 1, 2016 Reply
    Thanks Friend! So thankful for you time and genuine comments!
Jessica 06:59 November 30, 2016 Reply
Sweet sweet words! Love it! And love their outfits 😍
    YLBMBP 22:38 December 1, 2016 Reply
    Thanks Jess! Their mom is such a fashionista!

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