Props or No Props | That is the Question?!?

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 Props or No Props | That is the Question?!?

-Props or No Props | Logan Utah Photographer | MelB Photography-

  • In a previous post I gave a brief opinion about Props. I thought I would dig a little more into this topic…

When I first started MelB Photography I believed Props was where it was at! I went out right away and spent a mini fortune on all these adorable props! I would buy all these shabby items and turn them into adorable masterpieces! During my first year of business it was likely that if you drove by my home you would most likely see me out spray painting something. If not that there was certainly many multi colored props set out to dry in my driveway. As time went on I found myself not using my skillfully refurbished props as much as I did in the beginning.


I’ve said it before and I am sure I will say it again and again… I love to photograph in a way that your eyes will tell the story. I enjoy portrait photography above all because we focus on your face and the beautiful smile and eyes that are the center of your photograph. With using props I was finding that the focal point of the picture was shifting from what I loved. I want the emotion and the engagement that I get through a clean, beautifully thought out and executed photo.

Always an Exception…

When the prop is Not a Distraction…

Even though I have stepped back from the mirrors, picture frames, and all manner of other bright and colorful props, I will say there is always exceptions. Because I do love a beautiful bright eye I will occasionally use  a prop to bring the focus to your eyes! I especially love books!

During a Maternity and Newborn Shoot…

There is just something about babies that scream CUTE CUTE Props. Even though I do not offer extreme prop filled Newborn photography I will say that my no prop rule is not applicable to Newborn and Maternity Shoots. I am a pro Lifestyle newborn photographer, but I will not Scoff at ANYONE that uses adorable props! During a Maternity shoot I certainly encourage the To Be Parents to bring a few props. Ultra Sounds, Baby Shoes, and Stuffed Animals are always fun!



If you have an item that means a lot to you or your family. I am all for utilizing these props in our shoot. I have shot stuffed animals that children have a deep connection with. There was a shoot that comes to my mind every time I think of props. The mother had asked to have a star that was sewed onto a baby blanket be a focal point in a shot because the star held a deep significance to her baby and their family. I am a huge believer in remembering those memories that hold significance in your life. And if a prop will help us to do that I will ALWAYS encourage you to bring them.

 Telling a Story…

As a Senior Photographer I adore shooting seniors in their element. If that is playing sports, making beautiful music, or creating beautiful art, I want to photograph you doing that! So Please, bring your Football gear, your guitar, your art supplies, and whatever else will help us to tell your story! I will also offer Back to School shoots where I will use an array of props to bring the story to life.


So in the End…

So to sum it up. In a family shoot I will most likely tell you that props are only necessary if they hold sentimental value or they will help portray a story you are telling. As a senior bring any prop that will help me Portray your Senior Year in a Photograph. I will never discourage you from bringing props to a maternity shoot! And Last but not least! I enjoy props that are non distracting such as Chairs, Blankets, or Wooden Crates! Always talk to me at your pre consult about any props you may want to incorporate so that we can plan the best way to do so!

PS… If you have a FOX you can use it as a Prop any time! It is just a general rule of mine :).


Jessica 17:50 November 14, 2016 Reply
This is awesome!! Such a good read with a great message! :)
    YLBMBP 04:06 November 15, 2016 Reply
    Thanks Jess!
Hiliary Stewart 05:49 November 14, 2016 Reply
This is a great article! It's good to remember to focus on the clients, but there are occasions when props are fun :)
    YLBMBP 06:21 November 14, 2016 Reply
    Thanks Hiliary! You are so kind!

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