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This beautiful Mama is someone that I look up to greatly! She is strong, determined, educated, powerful, outspoken, kind, caring, self motivated, GORGEOUS, honest, and a WONDERFUL mother! Marcy is someone that I always love to be around. She is a teacher during our Sunday Relief Society and I always look forward to hearing her teach! The insight she has in our Gospel and Life in general is so inspiring.

I feel that in our Religion we sometimes shy away from the Hard things and only focus on the Positive… (What is wrong with that, you may be thinking?) Focusing on the Positive is wonderful to help us stay positive in our times of life when we are feeling Strong and Empowered… But when Satan has us by the scruff of our neck and he is pulling us down to the dirt, it can be hard to always hear only the positives. SOMETIMES it is nice to hear about the reality of our lives. This is the kind of personality I have. I need to talk about the hard times and know that I am not the only one feeling discouraged. Then… THEN I want to hear how to fix it and to focus on the positives of the Gospel.

Marcy, I feel, is like me in this aspect because after leaving a room when she has just taught I feel a part of a community working through struggles striving for a better way to live and serve others. She is such a great example of serving others. Regardless of the hardships that are thrown her way, you will always find her helping others and serving those who are in need.

Her children are direct examples of the fantastic mother that she is. I’ve said it before and I will say it time and time again. I’ve never seen a group of siblings so kind and loving. These brothers look out for each other and for their little sisters in a way that just melts my heart! There were so many cheek and forehead kisses exchanged during this session! And NONE of them where initiated by me! They simply love each other so much. I actually have tears in my ears as I look at these photos hoping that my boys will have even half the love these four do!

Thank you Marcy for giving me this wonderful opportunity to capture you beautiful family!


Logan Family Photographer Logan Family Photographer

Logan Family Photographer | MelB Photography | Family Photography


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