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MelB Photography Engagements || Kelcie & Blake || Wedding Photographer

Kelcie and Blake were the most romantic couple. They took nearly no guidance. I mean look at these shots! The way he swept her hair behind her ear was so incredibly gentle. The love he has for her was so apparent. And her eyes never wanted to leave his. They truly have a love for each other that will last for eternity!

The crazy part about this whole experience is I was able to see and experience all this in under 5 minutes! This amazing couples shoot was part of the Kylee Ann Sleepover Couples Shoot! We had 5 couples and we had a short time with each!

The snow was falling in piles and Kelcie and Blake were such troopers to trample through the snow, off the beaten path, so that we could photograph near the water! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend the KA Sleepover Conference and incredibly happy that I had the chance to meet this amazing couple!


MelB Photography Engagements || Kelcie & Blake || Wedding Photographer

MelB Photography Engagements || Kelcie & Blake || Wedding Photographer







How many of you have taken any couples photos since your engagements? I am not talking about the one or two couples photos you may or may not ask for during your family photos!

Well if it has been more than a  couple years than it is certainly time!  Take a look at these beautiful couples and imagine your photos that can be!


There are fewer days in your life more memorable than your wedding day! Certainly not many days can top it in terms of preparation!

I have been blessed with an amazing husband who will travel heaven and earth for Me! Throughout our 12 years together we have learned so much of love and sacrifice

. I truly believe that you can NOT have one without the other! Many Books I have read will speak to the testament that you will love more, once you have sacrificed for each other

! I am so humbled by my MelB Bride and Grooms! The love they share is Powerful and the things they do to show that love not only to

each other but to those around them is awe inspiring! I truly have the best Job!


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