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Some of you may remember a post from the end of last year that started out… The night I met a new Friend then Ugly Cried for too long. Well That New Friend that I referenced to has become a good friend. I don’t see her as often as I would like… BUT we did find the time to get together and plan this Stunner of a shoot! My new friend “B” owns an amazing online boutique called Lilyana’s BoutiqueWith the help of the Uber Talented Tiffany Johnson at Tiffany Johnson Beauty and our Gorgeous Model Saige we had one of the best nights and the most fantastic Shoot! We chose to shoot at the Studio owned by Endless Photography! I couldn’t have been happier!

Tiffany did such a fantastic job giving us the look that we needed! It was a stunner of a look but was not too over the top so that it would fit with the array of outfits we had chosen. The beach waives in her hair had the perfect bounce and even held their shape till the very end of the shoot. Even though I had Saige flip her head up and down and run her fingers through her hair SOOO many times to keep the volume. The curls never wavered! I was truly impressed!

Lets get to the reason I planned this shoot, shall we? These clothes! I am so in love with them! The Blue Sweater is so colorful! The greatest part though is that they are all so Comfortable! Let’s be honest… I know we as woman some times give up comfort for beauty and style! But WHY should we have to… go check out what she has in stock HERE…  You will not be disappointed!

And LAST BUT CERTAINLY not least we come to the Beautiful young lady in front of the camera! Miss Saige was the epitome of everything I was looking for for this shoot! She was not only a stunner, she was also humble, kind, and very appreciative! I am so grateful to her for stepping up for us last minute and taking this shoot by Storm! Though the night before we had a couple rough patches that caused me a mini panic attack trying to find a new model and another member of our team… But it all worked out better than I could have ever hoped for!

But enough with the WORDS already! Let’s get to the Photos! Why you are all here!

MelB Photography || Lilyana’s Boutique || Tiffany Johnson Beauty || and Saige PRESENT!!!

Utah Boutique Photographer || MelB Photography || Senior Photographer

Utah Boutique Photographer || MelB Photography || Senior Photographer


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