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So I have decided over the weekend that there needs to be a whole support group for people that attempt to assemble the “Easy Adjustable” Basketball hoops. I am not a lover of assembling anything really… Pretty sure the trampoline is absolute torture for me. But you guys!!! This basketball hoop is everything that is evil! It took us HOURS!!! Seriously like 6-8 hours to install this basketball hoop. And requires a set of tools that I don’t think are customary to an average american household.

But after all is said and done, I will say this. My boys LOVE it, so it was all worth it in the end! We’ve been outside enjoying this amazing spring time weather nearly every day this week and we always end up in the Back Yard shooting hoops.

I have been struggling to get my blogging groove back after taking an intentional week off of work to spend time with the littles. So here is to the gusto to getting my groove on! I have made a goal this week to wake up an hour earlier… Which entails that I make every effort to go to bed an hour earlier… So I will no longer be binge watching Vampire Diaries and editing photos till 12am… So I am hoping that the Exercise that I intend to sneak in during the extra hour of awake time in the morning, will help with my productivity so my work can be completed by 10pm. I will let ya’ll know how that goes 🙂 But to keep to my goal I need to have this post live and shared in under 30 minutes! We’ll see if I can do it!

Utah Lifestyle family photographer

Utah Lifestyle Family Photographer || MelB Photography || Family Photographer


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