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Denzil Stewart Nature Park || Couples Photography || MelB Photography

Snow! Why is there snow in your pictures Melissa? Let me tell you why.

As most of you know I attended the Kylee Ann Sleepover in January of this year! As a part of this event there were MANY photo opportunities available for us. There were so many I have had to spread them out so to not overwhelm you all. 🙂 So that is why in May I am sharing photos of Knee Deep snow at Denzil Stewart Nature Park.

This Beautiful couple were not upset by the snow! By the time I was able to photograph them they had been in the downfall for nearly 20 minutes. But they didn’t utter one complaint. In fact they were are smiles and Giggles till the very end. I had asked Grant to run up behind Katelin and he had free range to do whatever silly thing he could come up with!

Katelin was laughing the whole time anxiously waiting to see what her husband was going to do. Would he throw a snow ball at her… would he pick her up and throw her in the snow… NO, he grabbed her in a bear hug from behind and gave her the cutest snow snuggles Ever!

Every time I look at these photos I am in pure heaven. The look in these photos with the falling snow is incredibly Dreamy… I get so giddy!

A huge thank to Kylee Ann for the beautiful Shoot setup… and to Lettie Boutique for donating this beautiful dress!

Denzil Stewart Nature Park || Couples Photography || MelB Photography


Denzil Stewart Nature Park || Couples Photography || MelB Photography





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