Tasia || Senior 2017


Green Canyon Senior Shoot || Senior Photographer || MelB Photography

I have known Tasia for nearly 10 years. I am pretty sure that in those 10 years, this shoot was the first time we have talked. Working with her beautiful mother for quite a few years was such a pleasure. When I found out that her daughter was a senior I was overly thrilled to be able to photograph her for her Senior Portraits.

Tasia was an amazing Soccer player for many years. Until an unfortunate Injury made it nearly impossible for her to play. I know this must be devastating and terribly hard for her, yet she is still an upbeat, kind, and (needless to say) Beautiful young lady!

Choosing Green Canyon for her Senior Shoot was such a wonderful idea. The diversity was incredible. And she has such incredible fashion sense! Her outfits fit perfectly into the scenic background we chose!

Thanks Tasia and Bree for a wonderful evening and for allowing me to help you remember this important and exciting time in your life!


Green Canyon Senior Shoot || Senior Photographer || MelB Photography

Green Canyon Senior Shoot || Senior Photographer || MelB Photography



MelB Photography is Determined to Capture your Life Events in a Unique and Beautiful way! High School Seniors are my Jam! That being said I find few things more enjoyable that taking pictures! If my camera is in my hand a smile is on my face! High school seniors, Weddings, Couples, Families, and Head-shots! Details and beautifully edited photos are what I am know for! I will take the time that it requires to edit your photos to look their absolute best! So let Plan… then let’s PLAY!



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