Logan Utah Senior Photographer | MelB Photography Your Senior year is a time to remember! And I am so honored that you are thinking of letting me help you capture what your senior year means to you! There are so many ways that we can show the things you have accomplished and the ways you have grown throughout the 13 years of school! I love incorporating items/props into senior sessions. If you enjoy a hobby, play on a sports team, sing, play and instrument, are part of a club, or maybe you spent your time not at school at a job... Whatever the case may be. If you want to remember it, I want to photograph it! TBH I am not a fan of props in ... READ MORE
How many of you have taken any couples photos since your engagements? I am not talking about the one or two couples photos you may or may not ask for during your family photos! Well if it has been more than a ┬ácouple years than it is certainly time! ┬áTake a look at these beautiful couples and imagine your photos that can be!   Logan Utah Anniversary Photographer | MelB Photography   READ MORE
| Logan Utah Wedding Photographer | There are fewer days in your life more memorable than your wedding day! Certainly not many days can top it in terms of preparation! I have been blessed with an amazing husband who will travel heaven and earth for Me! Throughout our 12 years together we have learned so much of love and sacrifice. I truly believe that you can NOT have one without the other! Many Books I have read will speak to the testament that you will love more, once you have sacrificed for each other! I am so humbled by my MelB Bride and Grooms! The love they share is Powerful and the things they do to show that love not only to each o ... READ MORE
My 2 Amazing Boys and my Husband are the most important things in my life! I feel that the opportunity to look back at a time in your families life and see how much you have Grown Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally is an important key to having a Healthy and Happy Family relationship. What a better way to to "look back" then to look through moments captured in Family Pictures!   Logan Utah Family Photographer | MelB Photography READ MORE