Senior Role Models

Senior Role Model

What is MelB Photography’s Senior Role Model Program? Well my dear friends… That is a fantastic question!

Mother Teresa Once said | The Good you do today, people will often Forget. DO GOOD ANYWAY |

This Motto  is something I try to live by. We all know that doing good things for others is the right thing. But how many of us feel frustrated when we are not recognized for the good we strive so hard to do. I know I am guilty of this myself. As humans it is in our nature to want some form of recognition for the good things we do. When that recognition is not given, we struggle to find the motivation to continue doing good things.

So I want to give you the opportunity to do good in our community and get recognition in return… BUT also I will be teaching you during our Senior Role Model Program how to do good and only need recognition from one person… You! It will be my goal during the hours that we get to spend together doing service for our community and on our photo shoots, to help you achieve a higher degree of self esteem and  self motivation. As well as gaining a truer love for our fellow man.

SO… What does that all mean?

MelB Photography is accepting 2 Senior Applicants from each High School in Cache Valley. Each of these Seniors will receive 2 Free Photo Shoots through out the School Year. One Shoot will be your Solo Shoot and One will be a Group Shoot with other MelB Senior Role Models.  The Seniors that are chosen will also participate in at least 2 Service Project during their Senior Year. MelB Photography will be planning one of the Projects and we will complete it as a Group!

To expand on our Service Projects we will also have two Group Meetings where I will not be the Photographer… But the Discussion Leader. We will discuss topics such as… Building a Stronger Self Esteem, Using Service to Grow, and Loving our Enemies.

This Program not only offers you the opportunity to receive beautiful photos. But you will also be building a greater skill set and knowledge that will help you in all aspects of your new life that you will be entering into after Graduation.

SO PLEASE take a moment and Fill out the Form below and Submit it to me! All Applications must be submitted my March 15th and winners will be chosen by March  18th.

I So look forward to reading more about each of you!

Sincerely ,


PS | If  you have applied for the senior role model program but did not get chosen you will still receive something great. If at the time of booking you can tell me one service project you have done or intend to do that school year you will receive a 20% off coupon code for your senior session.