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Mom Boss – My Boys
Utah Lifestyle Family Photographer || Mom Boss - My Boys So I have decided over the weekend that there needs to be a whole support group for people that attempt to assemble the "Easy Adjustable" Basketball hoops. I am not a lover of assembling anything really... Pretty sure the trampoline is absolute torture for me. But you guys!!! This basketball hoop is everything that is evil! It took us HOURS!!! Seriously like 6-8 hours to install this basketball hoop. And requires a set of tools that I don't think are customary to an average american household. But after all is said and done, I will say this. My boys LOVE it, so it was all worth it ...
A Photographer’s Birthday
A Photographer's Birthday | Logan Utah Photographer -I thought I would give ya'll a fun insider look into how I  (Photographer, Business Owner, Mom, and Wife) celebrated turning the BIG 32!- Since I've been getting "old fogey like" celebrating my Birthday still happens, but it tends to be spread out through the week of my Birthday. I am not complaining mind you, celebrating all week is freakin' Fantastic. But what ends up happening is that on my Actual Birthday I found my Morning Free. What do I do? Work of course. I spent the morning at one of my favorite local restaurants (The Waffle Iron) getting to know one of my 2017 Brides. If ...